Monday, March 22, 2010

Return of the Stress

A-hoy-hoy! Yes, I know I've been gone for longer than I deem acceptable. My two weeks' holidays went by in a flash in a flurry of food, drink and good company. I will tell more at a later date, but in fairness the previous sentence pretty much sums it up nicely. It was good to see everybody again, all the better in the knowledge that I shall be seeing them again in July for my cousin's wedding.

Work kicked back in the day after I came back from my holidays. I returned to utter chaos and it saddens me to say it's still far from normal. The restaurant has been turned into a building site. Builders knocking down walls, building new ones, digging up floors and all the noise and dust that goes with it. I wore earmuffs to work on two days. It's a bloody restaurant!! The owner seemed very concerned about the aesthetics of a dish collection trolley that had been left on the restaurant floor overnight, but didn't seem the slightest bit bothered about the mess the builders were creating. Most of the dirty/noisy work has been done now, so things can only get better.

Or so I thought. There's a lot of things our owner wants to get done. And he wants most of them done yesterday. Can you feel that? It's the muscles on you neck slowly tightening so that your shoulders are getting hoisted towards you ears at the rate of about 1/4inch per stressful day.

All is not bleak, though. I have a bottle of wine. And some doritos. Comfort eating? Me?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Alive

My deepest apologies for not posting anything in ages, but I've simply been too busy enjoying myself. Good food, great company and plenty to catch up on.

If you're surrounded by beauty of this kind, and your family and friends to enjoy it with, you have to make the most of it, really.

I'm traveling to my brother's place tomorrow to do some more catching up and, no doubt, some more eating and drinking. Part of me is glad I've only two weeks of holidays this time, otherwise I'd have to go clothes shopping for a size or two larger than I'm wearing right now.