Thursday, June 27, 2013

Breathing Space

I was just wondering whether or not six months was long enough a break from blogging. I decided that it was. I've been busy in a good way, enjoying good company and making memories. My parents spent a week with us in April, my brother with my sister-in-law, niece and his friend's family were here earlier this month. One of them has stayed to experience the Irish summer. *insert rain here*

There's too much to put down in words, so here's some photos instead:

I've been walking here:

I've enjoyed the summery weather:

I've had a few lazy mornings:

I've had a few nights out featuring this:

And a few nights in featuring this:

I've had fun with these:

I've been reading these:

I've seen some amazing sunsets from our front porch:

And I've spent some quality time with these:

See you soon!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eye Of The Storm

Hi there! Going to give this blogging lark another go after a few months of jotting down little ideas for posts, waiting for them to turn into bigger ideas and pour themselves onto the screen. We'll see how it goes.

In my absence I've done a little of everything and not much anything. Living a life, I suppose. Spent Christmas, New Year and my birthday in between home and work, in good company enjoying good food, some drinks and lots of laughs. Just what the doctor ordered.

I'm only working for four days a week now to use up my holidays from last year. The last few weeks I would've enjoyed my extra time off a bit more had it not been for the endless rain and gale force winds. Seems like the same rain I mentioned in the last post in October is still here.

Yesterday was meant to be spent in Galway, but after the city being hit by floods the day before, tackling road closures and even more torrential rain didn't sound too appealing. Opted for a quick run to the shops in Clifden and then curling up on the sofa by the fire with my Kindle and cat on my lap, sipping a cup of coffee. An infinitely better choice, if you ask me.

There isn't all that much to report, I basically just poked my head in here to say that I'm still here and planning on slowly increasing my blogging activity. Promise.

Hang in there.