Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pyjama Botherers

This story by the Irish Times had made it into the papers in Finland, too. Yup. The dole office in question had felt is necessary to point out to its customers that pyjamas aren't appropriate clothing to wear while visiting their establishment. I had a moment of quiet desperation. They had to point it out. The people showing up to supposedly apply for jobs, wearing their pyjamas, had to be told to smarten up a bit. Oh, mercy!

I can't really say that I'm surprised, to be honest. I've seen girls (yes, it's almost always girls) slouching about in the supermarket in their pyjama bottoms, hoodies and Uggs. (I hate Uggs, too.) It makes me wonder at what stage do you stop caring about your appearance in public? The contradiction here is, that these same girls will more than likely spend the best part of two hours getting ready for a night out; choosing their clothes, doing their hair and make-up.

Maybe it's a cultural difference, with me having been brought up in Finland, where especially this time of year going outside in anything less than four layers of thermals is simply unheard of. Was I to meet someone in their pyjamas walking down the street in Finland, my first reaction would be to check all the psychiatric wards in the vicinity to see if they were missing someone in their latest head count. Maybe I'm just unable to appreciate the freedom that comes with not caring what people may think of you when you're walking down the shops in your Primark finest. Bulls**t.

The thing is, I bloody love pyjamas. I have dozens. In different colours, materials, sleeve lengths. Dress ones, short ones, long ones, full ones, sets and singles. I have them all and I love wearing them. At home. Indoors. On the couch watching telly. In bed. The most fresh air my pyjamas get, is if I'm putting a bin out in the morning, and even then I reach out the back door and drop the bag in the bin just outside the back door. I may be seen by an occasional sheep and sometimes my next door neighbour. She is more than likely to be in her pyjamas, putting out her bin at that hour, too.

Yes, pyjamas are infinitely more comfortable than most appropriate day wear. They're built for comfort, not for style. Saying that, I am currently sporting quite fetching pyjama bottoms in grey and white checked pattern teamed with a t-shirt. I'm half dressed, but then I am at home, not out and about. Farhad Manjoo wrote about why he loves staying in pyjamas for the whole day. That's fine, you work from home! I'm pretty sure I'd be given my P45 as soon as I stepped my slippered foot in through the doors of my workplace.

And while I'm ranting, let's hear something about the dreaded onesie. It's what babies wear, right? No. There are grown people, all over the world wearing these hideous garments as pyjamas, or "loungewear", as they're being marketed. I think you could give up on normal life the moment you find yourself inside a onesie. The first time I saw one, was on Scrubs. I thought it to be an entirely fictional piece of clothing. How wrong was I? I shudder, they're horrid, and I can only imagine the stink inside one of them after you've spent a day (and a night, and a day) in one. Yuck.

Rant over. As you were.

Onesie photo from here
Scrubs photo from here


  1. I so agree with you. These OnePiece (as they are called here in Norway) pyjama-like jumpsuits became a huge hit here in 2009 already. From the cottages by the ski lopes (quite ok there, I guess) they suddenly moved to the cities and could be seen on adults, any time of the day, anywhere.....not always a pretty sight. Well, thank heavens they´ve became "old news" by now and one doesn´t often see OnePiece- wearing grown ups anymore ;) By the way, nice to have you reading my blog :)

    1. I'll never understand this "fashion". I blogged about this on my Finnish blog, too and was informed by a friend that this questionable phenomenon has found its way to Finland, too. I would've thought the streets of Helsinki to be a tad too chilly for the onesie...

  2. :) I know I live in Ireland, I can't understand how these girls can get out their door and feel they can go out like that. You should watch the Irish documentary "Piyama Girls".
    Only one comment on what you said: "The people showing up to supposedly apply for jobs, wearing their pyjamas, had to be told to smarten up a bit. Oh, mercy!"

    The people are not showing up in piyamas to jobs. They are showing in house clothes to the Welfare office to ask for their dole money, a bit different but I just wanted to say that. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, I must look up that documentary, even though I fear it may drive me to a rage-headache :)

      Dole money is the colloquial term for unemployment benefit, which in terms of social welfare payments in Ireland translates to either Jobseeker's Benefit or Jobseeker's Allowance. Both of which are benefits paid to those who are unemployed and supposedly actively looking for work. One of the reasons you're required to show your face in the dole office weekly/monthly is to not just collect your payment but to see if there are any new job opportunities available. So technically these pyjama people are there as potential employees, too.
      This probably is just nit-picking, though ;)