Monday, June 11, 2012

Strange Searches

Checking the traffic stats of both of my blogs I noticed a couple of strange search keywords that had led people to my blogs. For example, someone searching "creepy smiling kitten" had been directed to this blog, while someone searching for graveyard on the southern town of Tuusula, in Finland had been directed to my Finnish blog. The mind boggles, indeed. I'd like to ask you to check your stats and let me know what kind of strange search words have directed people to your blog. It's silly little trivia like that I find infinitely fascinating.

PS. I'm officially on holiday now, and guess what? It's actually sunny here!!!


  1. One of the funny and strange ones for my blog was "laxative for swine". I listed more of them there, inspired by this. :)

    1. I had a laugh at your ones. Some imaginative internet searchers out there, that's for sure :)