Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Doing Nothing

What exactly have I done over the past week? Apart from morphing into a 1950's housewife and at the last minute managed to reverse the process thanks to The Big Thaw (yes, they're actually calling it that) and me being able to leave the house again. Apart from that, I've done SFA.

Somehow I've still been quite busy. I feel the days haven't got enough hours to accommodate my Very Important needs whatever those needs may be. And all those things I listed in an earlier blog post needing my attention still remain unattended to.

I did return to work on Saturday. It was a surreal experience to say at least. Having been gone for nearly two weeks, the place having been closed for a bit longer than that, everything had to be started from scratch. My colleague and I were hovering around the place not really knowing where to start. All day long. I'm sure we managed to get something done, but in fairness, I cannot tell you what.

I have a busy week ahead as well. My planner is full for the week already. Today I have a date with a friend, we'll somehow combine running errands, shopping and catching up. Surely that won't be a problem.

Tomorrow Mr S and I are going to view an apartment. We're not entirely sure if we want it, it is in a very nice location, in a town, it's in a managed apartment complex, fully furnished and all sorts of other nice things. We're thinking about buying it as an investment more so than anything else. We're being convinced it would be very easy to rent it out, especially in the summertime when the town in question is packed full of holiday-makers. We'll wait and see.

Wednesday is me-day. Massage, facial and mani-pedi. And that's all I'm going to do that day.

Thursday is a day off with Mr S. He tells me he has something planned. On the edge of my seat here =)

Friday I'm back to work and there's a 40th birthday party I'm invited to, too. Only problem is, it's miles away and I'm working on Saturday as well. If I choose to go by the taxi I hear is being arranged, I'll be stuck there until everybody else who doesn't have to get up early the following day, are ready to go. Which usually is around 4am after a house party has wound down. If I choose to drive instead, I'll be stone cold sober watching everyone else getting more and more drunk. Is it just me, or does neither of those options sound particularly appealing?

Saturday and Sunday are busy days at work, I won't even attempt to plan anything else for those days. Just reading this back to myself is making me exhausted... See you on the other side!

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