Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh, dear...

...where have the days gone? And not just days, weeks, too!? Work has been manic to say at least. Trying to finish the renovation work while it's getting steadily busier by the day if not the hour. I've been doing 10, 11 hours every day and it really started to show after the first week.

My old friend insomnia has been visiting me more frequently of late and I can only put it down to stress. You know there's something wrong when all you can think about is the amount of work waiting for you the following day when you really should be sleeping seeing as it is 3.00am now and you need to be up at 7.00am. Two weeks with 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night is not healthy, I can tell you that much. On the plus side I'm really catching up on my reading.

Easter weekend was crazy. So many people and so little staff. Thankfully our GM was there to witness the chaos and really stepped up to the plate by doubling the staff numbers for the rest of the holiday week. Result!

I'm sitting here now, sipping coffee out of my new Cadbury's Mini Eggs -mug that held my massive easter egg (half of which is still untouched, way to self control!) and I'm quite content in the knowledge that for the next three days I don't need to do anything I don't want to. I am expecting a phone call from the optician's to tell me my cooler than cool (and a little bit too expensive) designer glasses are ready to be picked up.

I'm pretty sure I'm the optician's worst nightmare when I'm trying to choose glasses. I tried on literally every pair they had. Finally the poor man gave up and told me "I'll be there in the corner when you're ready." I am serious. In the corner. Waiting for me. Poor man. I'm very happy with my choice, though. I hope I'm still happy when I go over to pick them up. It has been known to happen that I have suddenly developed a complete new sense of style in the space of time it takes them to thin down the lenses, add the different coatings etc. I'm not an easy customer.

I'm off to enjoy the do-nothing-ness of these days off...

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