Monday, July 12, 2010

Up for air

I know, I know I've been very bad and very neglecting of my poor little blog... But in fairness, I have been genuinely busy. Work is mad, which is good seeing as we were really expecting a very bad year. So far we're breaking records every day. Financial future is looking ever so slightly more bright. I have more staff to show the ropes to, and it's shaping up to be a very busy season.

And then of course there's the socializing part of the summer. We were truly blessed with fantastic weather in June, so making the most of it went without saying. Tons of barbeques, beach days and other lazing around in the sun which normally is truly unheard of on these shores. Only drawback on the sunny weather was the fact that the wells were running dry, ours included. I had a flashback to last winter where we spent a week or so without running water. Good landlord had a mysterious back-up supply so apart from the dishwasher not working we're back to normal.

My main focus now would be the upcoming wedding of my cousin in less than two weeks. I cannot bloody wait to go over!! I had a little dress related crisis a couple of weeks ago, it seemed impossible to find anything nice to wear, in Galway city at least. All is well now, I am in possession of not one, not two, but three dresses. I'm bringing all of them with me, I'm sure the occasions to wear them will arise...

There was a quick update, more will follow...

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