Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Adopting an iPhone, to be more exact. Due to some fuck-up by my operator, they told me I was due an upgrade in December. But I want an iPhone NOW!! phone calls and some dodgy on-hold music later I was told I had extended my contract by 6 months last June, something I do not remember doing. I do remember getting free texts for promising to stay with the same operator for further 6 months, but at no point was I told I was extending my contract which I explained to my "designated customer service representative". She promptly put me on hold again to speak with her "team leader" and then returned to tell me they had decided to let me upgrade now. Oh, joy!

I had a whole story planned on how I needed an iPhone for work, or some other crap like that but turns out it was enough that I've been a loyal customer for years. I'm also getting a new wireless modem in pink to match my laptop. I'm in gadget heaven now.

Due to some barbecuing and wine-drinking last night, the manicure I gave myself at around 1am this morning is looking slightly less fabulous in the cold light of day than it did when I was going file-happy with my polishing block. I'm just glad the nails are my own instead of some acrylic monstrosities I paid a small fortune for.

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