Thursday, March 24, 2011


The weather. We never seem to stop talking about it. I often wonder did our ancestors spend as much time commenting on the amount of rain or the temperatures or the wind speed as we seem to do. Probably yes. It is amazing how vulnerable we are to changes in weather, really. No matter how sturdy your house, given the right (or in the house owner's case, wrong) circumstances, you'll find yourself homeless faster than you can say tornado. Or tsunami.

Instead of the usual moaning we've been blessing the weather here for the last couple of days. It's sunny. And warm. Going to work on Monday I was wearing my scarf and a jacket. Walking from my car to the kitchen door at work I realised I was wearing way too many clothes. It made me smile. Yesterday I had coffee outside! In the morning. First thing. And I wasn't wearing a jacket. Amazing, isn't it? We did the same today and plan to spend the rest of the day outside. We are being spoiled.

But despite the uplifting mood, some people can't seem to stop moaning. "Yes, it is lovely now but I bet this is our summer." "Wait until June and we're back with the rain, mark my words." Oh shut up! No, this isn't our summer, it's March. Summer starts in May. And it's going to be lovely and warm and sunny and a proper summer. Why? Because I said so.

View from our front window
Lovely, eh?

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