Saturday, November 21, 2009

All things wet and wonderful

Okay then. This is now day 6 without Mr S (and please don't tell him this) but I haven't noticed his absence all that much. I am quite enjoying the peace and quiet so far. I can go to bed without being woken up a few hours later by Mr S stomping his way from the living room (all lights on, telly turned up loud enough for our neighbours to enjoy), through the kitchen (stop at fridge, have a quick drink, don't forget to turn on light, make as much noise as possible closing the fridge door), into the bathroom (turn on the light, bang the toilet lid, cough loudly or make some other kind of noise), then doing his best baby elephant impression walk all the way back through the house to the living room, turn off all lights, lock the door and make as much noise as humanly possible getting into bed. The only thing that makes this worse is him turning around and saying "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up".

Now that my rant is safely out of the way I do have to confess that I do miss him. Maybe more in one respect than others. And get your filthy minds out of the gutter, please! Although I must admit celibacy isn't bringing out anything pleasant in me. I miss being able to pick up the phone and ring him to ask him what to do if something goes wrong. Nothing major, but something like the TV or the dishwasher, or anything electrical or technical. Don't get me wrong, I can change a light bulb and programme the DVD recorder, tune a telly and I'll even give the old changing a flat tyre a go, but I need Mr S to tell me what's wrong with things so he can then fix them. There's nothing the man can't do and I really do wonder where do men in general learn this stuff? Is it one of those things dads gather their sons around for? Or are they little pearls of wisdom men just pick up along the way? I really haven't a clue. I'm glad he does, I'd hate to have to call the plumber around
everytime the boiler needs bleeding.

Could somebody tell me what's going on with the weather? Apocalyptic floods and gale force winds are what prompted my mother to ring me from Finland (the bad floods had made it into Finnish news, too) just to check if I was still afloat. Being a mum, she asked me if I needed her to come over. Considering this is a 5'2" woman who cannot swim, I found the question extremely endearing but funny nonetheless.

But seriously, seeing photographs in the papers and in the news of houses completely devastated by the floods, homes underwater,
bridges collapsed, traffic come to a standstill; well it all just makes you realise how little there is to be done. For all we know, these freak storm might well be our own doing. But honestly, disaster movies have tapped onto a very real fear. What can you do when your own surroundings, your very own comfort zone you call home, are getting a bit too close for comfort. I truly feel for all those who have been driven out of their homes.

All I can do is ride out the storm and hope I don't wake up that much closer to the Atlantic sea. That and start building an ark.

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