Monday, November 16, 2009

Anti-social experiment

Right, friends. Mr S has left me. Not "left" left me, just left the house for three whole weeks. Today is day 1 without Mr S. I have a funny feeling it's going to go one of two ways; either I'll find I thoroughly enjoy spending time alone and be delighted to see Mr S on his return OR (and this is the more likely scenario) I will go insane and become an anti-social shut-in who will shun all human contact and be extremely annoyed to see Mr S return and mess up the perfect world order I have created in his absence.

I am looking forward to this in a way. It's ages since I've been home alone. Maybe I'll get into amusing adventures involving two hapless would-be burglars (and me armed with a baseball bat). Or maybe I'll bore myself out of my mind within two days and resort to visiting everyone I know in a 100 mile radius to keep myself occupied.

Thankfully I'm still working 3 days a week. I know I'll moan about that, too but at least I'm guaranteed some form of human contact. Not that I'm usually this much of a homebody but lately I do feel like just staying at home and reading
a lot.

Let my anti-social experiment begin.

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