Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rainy Day

It's bloody miserable out again. I can't even see out to the sea, it's so foggy. It annoys me even more, because yesterday was beautiful and sunny and actually kind of warm and I was stuck at work all day. I was doing a manual handling course in the morning (for the fourth time in five years) and after lunch I was flat-out at my actual paying job. Well, I suppose I was paid to do the course as well but seriously, how many different ways are there to lift a box correctly.

Our HR manager, who was giving the course said you only need a refresher ever 3 years. I will hold him to that come next year when they're trying to make me do the communal box lifting exercise again.

My little Mazda had to go in for its very first NCT today. I had myself convinced, after hearing all those horror stories on people failing for ridiculous reasons, that poor little Molly wouldn't pass. I got in, handed over my paperwork and 50 euro, they took my keys, I sat down, sent a few tweets and 15 minutes later we were done. Pass, pass, pass and pass. Thank you, see you in two years. I proudly stuck my NCT disc on the windscreen and drove off.

Rainy days call for comfort food. Today's offering is cinnamon buns. My mother used to bake every Saturday. Buns, biscuits, cakes and the occasional swiss roll. Smelling fresh buns hot out of the oven takes me right back into my parents' kitchen with a hot bun and a glass of ice cold milk in front of me. And it was quiet in the house because it was Saturday. My mother minded children from our home on weekdays, so the house always seemed full, even though there never were more than four children to be minded at a time. But Saturdays and Sundays I had the house and the buns all to myself.

So, this is what I made today. And for the rest of the evening, I shall be complaining about the yeast-y buns and milk expanding in my stomach causing me to look about seven months pregnant. It's all worth it, though. Just look at them.

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