Friday, February 18, 2011

Sickly Sweet

Who changed the weather, please own up to it right now? I was getting all spring-y and cheery, listening to the birds singing and saying this like "Isn't it lovely and mild out?". I blink and we're hit with another bit of frost, some nice horizontal Irish rain and today icy winds teamed up with freezing cold rain and sleet. Springtime my arse.

I'm getting increasingly cranky as the wet days go on. I have been hit with a nasty bout of flu, which really isn't helping matters. I hate feeling miserable but I really am a very very bad patient. I hate feeling sick or in any way less than 100% functional, especially when I know I can do nothing to improve things. I have consumed quite the liberal amounts of paracetamol, echinacea and cough syrup but it all seems to make me more annoyed because none of it seems to be working. I did read from Dr Christian Jessen's Twitter feed that zinc has proven effective against the common cold, so off I went to buy zinc capsules. On my return I noticed that my vitamin C tablets already contained 100% of my daily zinc needs. Ho and hum.

I was feeling so cheerful until this bloody flu I wasn't even bothered about Valentine's Day and all the pink, fluffy sweetness that goes with it. Mr S and I don't "do" Valentine's. I'd love to say it's because every day is like Valentine's for us (even typing that made me be a little bit sick in my mouth) but the truth is we can't be bothered. I never saw the point anyway. In Finland Valentine's is more about your friends than your partner/lover/significant other, which I think is an idea far better than the lovers' Hallmark holiday Valentine's is in most English-speaking countries. (Anyone from somewhere else, please enlighten me on your customs.) We did share a mahoosive heart-shaped blackforest sponge on Valentine's day but that had nothing to do with romance and everything to do with us being greedy sugar monsters. 

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