Monday, February 28, 2011


The polling day was on Friday. It's now Monday and somehow the votes still haven't been counted and not all the seats in the Dail have been filled. Coming from a country where you mostly find out the result within 24 hours of the polls closing, I find this incredibly hard to believe. Granted, the system in Ireland is different to the one in Finland but it taking three days to find out who's in the government is a bit ridiculous.

One thing has been established; Enda Kenny shall be the leader the country chose to walk us out of the recession. With the help of the IMF, I'd imagine, I don't think the EU is quite ready to trust the elected government with the country's finances just yet, given the track record. Ah sure it'll be alright. Or so I was told.

I supposed that remains to be seen but I can hardly imagine this bunch managing to screw the country over as thoroughly as the previous "lads". I remain optimistic, we've been to the bottom, only way seems to be up. And if things get really bad, there's always emigration. I hear Canada is nice.

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