Monday, February 15, 2010

Miles high

My holidays are getting closer very fast. I was talking to my parents yesterday and realised how much I'm missing them. I really cannot wait to get there! This time next week I'll be at Helsinki airport, tucking into some vary tasty rye bread, drinking good, Finnish coffee and waiting for my connecting flight.

I have already made plans to meet up with friends, see relatives and generally just chill out and do as little as possible. It is a holiday after all. I'm working right up until my holidays, I'm going to the airport more or less straight from work. I prefer it that way, I can jump onto the plane and go to sleep. Unless I'm unfortunate enough to get seated beside someone who insists on asking where and why I'm traveling. Which usually is my cue to turn up the volume on my iPod and pretend I've gone deaf.

I spent an excruciating 3 hours on a flight from Copenhagen to Dublin listening to the man seated beside me tell me in detail how he nearly missed the plane because of the bus strike which was on in Copenhagen at the time. There, I've just managed to squeeze the 2,5 hour long story into one sentence. The only reason I had to sit through that story was that I had forgotten to pack my iPod so I had no escape.The airline's own in-flight magazine didn't exactly provide enough cover.

Another time I spent a flight from Dublin to Helsinki getting out of my aisle seat every 40 minutes or so to let one or the other of the two women seated beside me, to go and use the bathroom. Every 40 minutes. They were taking turns. I was trying to sleep. I suggested I take the window seat but I was told they "liked to look at the clouds". Seriously, ladies. The least they could've done was stop drinking tiny little cans of lager...

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