Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Our landlord rang us yesterday, saying he wanted to come up for a chat. Something had to be up, seeing as in the five or so years we've been living here, I've seen him maybe twice. The man understood the importance of privacy if nothing else. Having said that, he did often take his time to fix things around the place, but nonetheless he was my ideal landlord. He didn't come anywhere near the place as long as you paid the rent. He didn't even care about us doing a few bits of DIY in the house, we did always ring him to let him know but his answer was always "Go ahead, do what you want".

Anyhoo, he was looking a bit sheepish coming in, completely uncharacteristic of him. Mr S and him engaged in what my Finnish, get-to-the-point type of frame of mind calls shite talk for about half an hour which was driving me nuts and it really took all my will power not to blurt out "What do you want?!?!" just to get them to shut up about the recession et al. Eventually he did get to the point which was the fact that the house and the site it sits on, are in his son's name. Said son is after moving down from Dublin with his wife and wants to build a house. Here. Which means he wants to knock down this house in order to build a new one. So we have to move.

I am quite excited and annoyed at the same time. Excited to be looking at new places to live, annoyed at having to pack all the crap we've (read: I've) accumulated over the last few years. I wonder would it be okay to leave anything we don't want behind, and he can bulldoze the whole lot without us having to do three trips to the local tip... I can always ask.

Our neighbour didn't take the news all too well. She's been here for over ten years and really likes it here. Well I like it here, too, but what can you do. I understand the nuisance of having to pack up and move, but my god it'll be great to get rid of some amount of shite!

So I'm trawling the Internet now nosing about, and quite honestly, getting ideas well above my station... I'd love something like this,

but I'm afraid we'll end up in something like this instead

I'm worried for my cats, though...Or Tom, at least. I'm sure Lily will be fine as she never goes outside. Likes her creature comforts, that one. But Tom likes to venture outside a couple of times a day, and if I'm completely honest, he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. I know you're supposed to keep the cat indoors for a few days so he'll get used to the smells of the new house, and them let him out and it should be easier for him to find his way back. Unfortunately letting the cat out is very dependent on your neighbours, too. Irish people don't like cats. There are some delightful exceptions to the rule, and of that I am grateful, but generally speaking if you let your cat out, there's always a chance he might not come back. Being the lazy little fur ball that Tom is, he might not mind being an inside cat, after all...

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