Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turning into my mother

I suppose there are people who'd say it's only a matter of time. I really didn't think this would happen so soon. I really am turning into my mother.

I recently purchased a bird-feeder and placed it outside our kitchen window so I can watch the birdies flying in and out. Just like my mother!

As soon as it gets dark, I go around switching of lights and lighting candles and nighlights around the house. I keep a supply of candles in a designated candle cupboard. Just like my mother!

I find myself falling asleep on car journeys. Even short ones. Just like my mother! Just to point out, when I'm a passenger, obviously. My mother doesn't drive, by the way. Despite having a driving license. Reasons for this are still a mystery to me.

Sticking with the sleep-theme, I do seem to be going to sleep earlier and earlier every day only to get up ridiculously early even on my days off. My mother has the ability to sneak in a few naps throughout the day which still baffles me. The woman goes to bed at 9pm and gets up at around 5am. AND she naps if she at all gets a chance. Soon I'll be spending the daytime snoozing on my couch. Just like my mother!

I buy my Christmas cards early and love picking them out, having a certain person in mind when picking up a certain card. Just like my mother!

I don't just drop in to visit friends, I plan ahead, usually ring the person well ahead of time just to inquire whether of not it's a good time to drop in. Just like my mother!

I'm not saying turning into my mother is a bad thing, all I'm saying is that I'm genuinely baffled by the inevitability of genetics kicking in. It's hilarious. I'll best be off now, I have arranged to go and visit a friend. I might have a cup of coffee first, sit in the kitchen, watch the birds outside. Maybe fit in a sneaky nap, too. I imagine myself spending a lot of time asleep in my future. I like it.

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