Thursday, January 27, 2011

And It's Done

We have moved. Officially, completely fully moved into our new house. It took all day Wednesday but at least it's done now. The smallest bedroom in the house is full of boxes and bags, bits and pieces. But that's what doors are for, isn't it? To block out the things we don't want to see.

The fire has been tested and it truly is a luxury to have it after going so many years without one. I love a big, roaring fire. Who doesn't? Obviously there are a number of things that need our attention; pictures to be hung, curtains to be put up, furniture to rearrange. But all in good time. We'll get there one box, one picture, one table at a time.

The cats have been very confused, understandably so. Poor kitties, they spent the first night wandering around the house. Lily eventually set up camp under our bed and Tom stayed in the hall, not entirely sure what it was that he was supposed to do.

They seem much more at ease today. Lily is sat beside me as I'm typing and Tom has stretched out in front of the fire. We'll get settled soon enough. Cats and people alike.

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  1. I hate moving house, but I love the feeling when everything's done and you can relax and enjoy your new home. I hope you're very happy there.