Friday, January 14, 2011

Boxed up

I thought I'd better remind you of my existence here. I've been spending my days packing things into boxes and have made a great new friend in a tape gun. Who knew there's be so much stuff? Seriously, it's only two of us in this house, yet it seems like the amount of stuff corresponds more to a family of four hoarders.

But there's no need to despair, or so I keep telling myself. I was up at the new house yesterday with the first load of boxes, armed with a tape measure and my trusty notebook. The new house is only 3km from the house we're in now, and it's on my way into work. So it's quite handy for me to drop off few bits and pieces every day so the actual move won't be too painful. Who knew I owned enough CDs and DVDs to fill five cardboard boxes?

Having tweeted several times about the move, complaining about having to pack boxes and whatnot, I'm now being followed by a couple of removal companies, too. They're in the UK, though but I'm sure they'd make the journey provided I paid them enough. I did get a legitimate offer from one of my twitter followers who, in his own words does furniture removals, office relocations, IKEA shopping & delivery service, and pretty much everything else to do with removals etc. Come the end of this week, I may well take him up on his offer...

Needless to say I'm getting quite handy with the cordless drill and assorted screwdrivers. I've been dismantling shelves and anything else that can be dismantled, putting the pieces and accompanying screws and brackets into boxes ready for the next car load going up the road. Work is proving a welcome distraction from all this packing but I'm already looking forward to our first night in the new house. Feet up, beside the fire with a nice cup of coffee of maybe even a glass of wine. Roll on, next week!

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