Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cabin Fever and Other Anxieties

Firstly, I've been stuck in the house more or less since Saturday. Stuck here with very little to do. Pretty much by myself with the cats. Mr S continues to go into work which adds to my stress levels as I keep picturing him and his car in a ditch, slowly being covered over by falling snow. So far so good and he's been able to do shopping and other bits but my OCD seems to flare up whenever I look in the fridge and see the wrong kind of cheese. I say nothing, it would be ungrateful, wouldn't it?

I've been defiantly packing my bags for our Christmas holiday. Defiantly, because every couple of hours there seem to be reports of the Dublin Airport being closed due to ice and snow. I spent most of yesterday compulsively checking both Dublin Airport's website and Scandinavian Airlines' website for information on our flights. I ended up ringing the airline and spoke to a very friendly lady who told me that while she couldn't give me a definite answer on whether or not our flights would be able to take off, she was being optimistic. Poor woman, she had had her ear chewed off by irate passengers over the phone for the last two days or so. As if the airlines just got together and said "Right, let's mess with all those thousands of paying customers and cancel all the flights, yeah? We'll tell them it's because of the snow, make them sleep at the airport, we'll take a huge loss in profit and face the paperwork to refund them all afterwards. Mmmmkay?" Yeah. Because that makes sense.

I do feel for anyone stranded at the airport, especially this time of year. Mr S and I, even if our flight does get canceled, we'll be able to at least go back home and spend christmas here. I heard they'd been telling people with canceled flights to leave the airport as they were running out of room. And where were these people supposed to go? Many were heading home for christmas, not living in Ireland and therefore had nowhere to go. They sent out a plea in the news for taxi drivers to go to the airport because the people who did have somewhere to go, couldn't get there because there weren't any buses or taxis to take them there.

In any case, I'm determined to get there. The roads may prove a challenge, though. We'll just have to head out early and hope for the best.

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