Monday, December 20, 2010


I've definitely turned into my mother. I'm obsessed with the weather. Every news bulletin on the radio, or telly, I have to catch the weather. And in between the news I keep checking the web pages. It is quite cold here for Ireland, anyway. -4 this morning and the ground is white with proper snow.

I haven't been to work since last Friday (it's now Monday). We got a good bit of snow on Friday night but that didn't stop me from heading in towards work on Saturday morning. I was about 3km away from work when my phone rang and I was told I was a lunatic for driving in the snow and was ordered to go home. Fair enough, boss' orders and all that. Not that I really minded getting an extra day off. My phone had been ringing before that, colleagues telling me they couldn't make it in because of the snow. Another one wondering was it worth it trying to get in. We all got a lovely duvet day, I spent mine watching bad movies. Namely Wrong Turn and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Great trash.

Later on on Saturday I got a text telling me I didn't need to show up for work on Sunday, either. Making sure I had a good supply of more trashy movies to watch, I settled into my couch-based nest and got all nice and cosy.

More news on the work front followed on Sunday evening; we were to close for Christmas anyway on the evening of Tuesday 21st but seeing as Monday was still supposed to be very cold, it was decided that we'll close early for the holidays and open again on the 28th. Which means I don't have to go to work until the 30th! Extended holidays = win.

We're just waiting to hear about the Christmas party. After all the headache I went through to get the bloody outfit and everything ready, there had better be one! If we can make it into Galway for the night, that is.

I don't mind the cold or the snow. It is inconvenient, we have no water most of the day, but it does thaw out enough for a shower and washing up at some stage. Probably not today, though. It is set to stay well below zero all day long. Ah well, let's conserve water, shall we.

The travel disruptions are worrying me, though. We're set to fly out of Dublin to Helsinki via Oslo on Thursday. Firstly, travelling to Dublin from here is a challenge. Snowy, icy roads all the way into Galway and there's no guarantees the motorway from Galway to Dublin will be any better. We'll head out early and make sure we'll have plenty of time. I'm just wishing the airport will be open when we get there. Like I said, I'm obsessively checking the weather forecasts. Just in case.

And just in case we get stranded here for Christmas, I have a freezer full of food and plenty of wine to keep us nice and warm. Just in case.

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