Friday, December 3, 2010

Ginger Rule

So, Mick Hucknall, eh? He's only gone and apologized in an interview with The Guardian for sleeping with, by his own calculations, over 3000 women. This all happened on the mid 1980's when the world's collective taste in pretty much everything apart from music was truly appalling. Neon colours, perms, leg warmers and shoulder pads ruled the earth. Skinny jeans, skinny ties and rolled up sleeves on suit jackets. Remember? I was born at the beginning of this offensive-to-all-senses decade but was still able to take full advantage. I still have my awesome neon pink lycra leggings and an oversized tee-shirt tucked away in the wardrobe of yesteryear... But Mick Hucknall? Seriously? The ginger one off Simply Red? THIS MAN?!? Here's the interview

There are many hot ginger men to choose from, there truly are. I don't understand the strange double standard of red headed women being perceived as being fiery and feisty and redheaded men perceived as being unattractive, nerdy and geeky. Mick Hucknall aside. A few cases in point as follows:

Specimen #1. Ewan McGregor
I must admit, his charm has partly something to do with him being Scottish and me being partial to any kind of an accent. But just look at his ginger head. He is lovely. So much better than Mick H.

Specimen #2. Kevin McKidd.
Now the name might not ring a bell with anyone who doesn't religiously follow Grey's Anatomy. He plays Dr Owen Hunt. And he is just yummy. And it's not just about him being a doctor and an army dude (I have been known to be drawn to men in uniform). He's all moody and tough and has issues. Has issues in Grey's Anatomy, I don't know about his personal life, but if he needs any help sorting anything out, I'll be more than happy to help. Just putting it out there... Owen? Kevin?

Specimen #3. Robert Kazinsky.
Anyone over in the USA might not know who he is, but that doesn't stop you from appreciating his ginger gorgeousness, now does it? Our lovely Robert featured in the UK soap EastEnders and Sean Slater, a bad boy and a all-round hottie. I was quite sad to see him written out of the soap, but you can still follow him on Twitte r@RobertKazinsky, he's spending quite a lot of time in America, you lucky overseas gingerlovers! Just look at him! You could have him on toast, you could...

Specimen #4. Seth Green.
This little cutie has the geek chic working for him as well as being ginger hottie. One thing baffles me, though. He looks the exact same in nearly all photos. Just do a Google image search on him and you know what I mean. He's pocket size, our Seth is and somehow it makes him all the more appealing to me. I loved him in Buffy and Angel, I love him even more now because of Family Guy and Robot Chicken. The little ginger man can do no wrong. Seriously, he can't. Look at Austin Powers.

Specimen #5. Rupert Grint.
Who would've known that Harry Potter's best friend would grow up to be such a ginger dish? He went from a dear little Ron Weasley into a bone fide hottie in Cherrybomb. And all of that in the space of few years. Now that I think of it, there are quite a few of the Harry Potter stars who have grown up to be really quite yummy. I feel a bit wrong just typing that because I remember the first movie and how little they were. It's okay, they're all legal now. Aren't they? Here's a link to a great gallery of HP stars then and now. Neville Longbottom, anyone? Cousin Dudley doesn't look too bad, either...

Specimens #6 and #7. James and Oliver Phelps.
Keeping with the Harry Potter theme here. And I am aware that these two strapping lads aren't actually ginger, but having spent the last 10 years and seven movies bouncing about the place with ginger hair, I think we'll let them participate. I can't tell these two apart, by the way, and I won't even pretend to have a favourite. They both are equally tasty bit of ginger. Remember that long, ginger hair they had in the earlier Harry Potter movies? Hated it. Really really hated it. With the shorter hair and those lovely eyes, you could wave your wands at me any day of the week! Both boys can be found on Twitter, by the way @James_Phelps and @OliverPhelps. You're welcome.

Specimen #8. Laura Prepon.
I will not have anyone say that I am gender biased. Admittedly, I prefer to ogle at gentlemen (and as previously demonstrated, sometimes barely legal boys), but I shall not make an assumption that everyone else does. And I can appreciate the beauty of the female form as well. Although that I do with a healthy amount of envy. But moving on. Laura Prepon of That 70's Show Fame was always to me very beautiful. A friend pointed out to me recently he'd noticed her in a magazine and "was surprised as he didn't think a girl that tall and ginger could be that hot). Yes, poor Laura. Way to overcome your crippling disabilities.

Specimen #9. Karen Gillan.
Again, here is someone who probably is a relative unknown Stateside but a lovely ginger lady nonetheless. Cool geeks world over love her as Amy Pond, the companion to The Doctor. Ah, Doctor Who! No longer a scare at bedtime consisting of a random time-travelling man battling monsters made of a bit of leftover carpet samples and some kitchen foil. Thank you, BBC for bringing it up to date. We even forgive your casting error. Namely Christopher Ecclestone. What were you thinking? You more than made up for it in David Tennant. Karen in hot in a girl-next-door kind of way... I am forever jealous.

Specimen #10. Christina Hendricks.
She is the epitome of Hot Red Head. Just look at her. A touch of Dita von Teese, a touch of Bree Van de Kamp with tons of sex appeal. She is so very well cast in Mad Men. If you haven't seen it yet, please watch it, it's awesome. Christina is the reason why 1950's glamour works so well. Just look at the woman! I would.

Specimen #11. Alyson Hannigan.
Ever since she showed up as Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I've loved her. She is just bloody brilliant and it has nothing to do with the colour of her hair. Who hasn't seen her in How I Met Your Mother and thought she was hot? Something nextdoor-sy about her, too. How do these women do it!? Grrrr...

Specimen #12. Jessica Rabbit.
The ultimate redhead. Need I say more?

So, to conclude my highly scientific essay on ginger beauty... I believe I have conclusively proved that there really are better options than Mick H when is comes to finding a bit of ginger lovin'. And, in case you're wondering, Mr S is, in fact, ginger. But keep your paws to yourselves, folks, he's all mine...

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