Thursday, December 23, 2010


We couldn't make it to the airport. We couldn't even make it to the bus taking us to the airport. The roads are bloody brutal and last night I think I lost another few years out of my life trying to get to Galway. Having slip slided a couple of times we decided it wasn't worth carrying on. No point in both of us ending up to in the hospital. Or the morgue.

We were disappointed to say the least. Especially as the airport was finally open and all the flights were operating as normal. Well, more or less normal I suppose, although our airline did advise there'd be delays which didn't do much to reassure me seeing as our stopover in Oslo was only for 30 minutes. The nice man told me that there was a possibility that we might miss our connecting flight and end up waiting in Oslo for a connection for a day. Or three.

I just saw on Twitter that the airport in Dublin is closed again. I'm glad we decided to turn back, at least now we're at home and not stranded at the airport with no clue as to when or if we get to fly out. I feel really sorry for the people who are there, waiting, but as of now I am determined to make christmas here. I'm defrosting a ham as we speak.

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