Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feelin odd

This is going to be annoyingly incoherent, so feel free to stop here. I find myself in a strange mood tonight. I'm getting an all-over odd feeling of excitement mixed with dread and I cannot for the life of me understand why. I have felt like this before, years ago, and even of that i can only remember this peculiar feeling and nothing leading up to it or anything that might have followed it. Here's a song that's been firmly lodged in my head ever since Little Lion Man lured me into buying the album:

In my mind I see images of smoky pubs, little corner pubs with stale air, open fires and lowered heads. Half-drunk pints and next ones on order at the nod of the head. Hushed conversations, crack of a match and the flame brought close enough to breathe life into a cigarette. Opening of the door, the noise of the outside briefly invading the warmth inside. Background music providing a beat to your speech, involuntarily.

I know this must sound odd, but it's the way my mind works sometimes. Conjuring up images for me to figure out whether it's somewhere I should be, something I should do, or maybe something to be avoided. Mostly these things occur in my sleep and my subconscious mind works away at them without bothering me too much, but every now and then, such as tonight there's something there demanding my attention. It's odd how these things are always triggered by music. Or maybe my brain knows it's the fool-proof way to grab my attention. Here's another one that cropped up recently, haven't heard this in ages and it took me a good while to even remember the name of the song or the band...

I'll be gone now, with my teenage-y, inane, navel gazing ramblings. Seriously, someone slap me, please!


  1. This is weird - all evening I've been really... on edge I think is how best to describe it. Like something BIG is gonna happen, and the strange feeling it'll be something crappy followed by something slightly better... Weird.

  2. I'm glad I'm only reading this now, had I read your comment yesterday I would've freaked out... On edge, exactly. Hardly slept last night, either.